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What Makes A Guy Attractive 20 Physical And Personality Traits That Attract Women.

The most important factors in the development and sustenance of a close physical relationship are an attraction, personal chemistry, and libido. Attraction is the obvious first factor that most people look at when describing relationships, and it is easy to speculate that regardless of how much of a “catch” one may think himself to be, someone else will also think him or her to be hot. Personal chemistry is what draws people together, and when it’s absent, people struggle to connect, which sometimes results in a lack of action. While libido is the force that drives one to act,

Men with certain physical and behavioral traits are more attractive to women. The physical traits discussed include facial symmetry, strength, height, and good bone structure, as well as overall health and fitness. Behavioral traits discussed include self-discipline, ambition, assertiveness, empathy, and good eye contact. There are many other physical traits, including but not limited to the size of eyes, nose, and chin, that may also attract women.

From my understanding, once a person has learned the basic things about a woman, he or she can determine whether or not that woman is physically or even personality attractive with a simple glance. However, determining if a person is physically attractive is easier said than done. For example, for some people, a large nose is attractive, yet for others, a large nose is unattractive. Even within the same person, the nose can be perceived as unattractive in one situation and as very attractive in another situation.

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