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OPINION: Nothing will cause you more problems than your inability to say this small word

We are different people of different characters and sometimes it is our backgrounds that make us who we are but in most cases, we are born with our unique characters.

Some problems emerge in our lives uninvited, they find an easy way to us due to our characters. There are people who wish they can spend all days alone because they are trying to run away from problems that comes with being surrounded by people. A simple request or proposal can put someone under pressure and cause them problems if they have the inability to say one simple and smallest word which is "NO."

The word, "No" might sound rude but it saves a lot of relationships and helps individuals to avoid problems. Failing to turn people down by using this simple word will invite you a lot of problems because it will lead you to a lack of boundaries. Imagine agreeing to something but knowing very well that your inner self does not agree with you. If something goes wrong you will keep battling inside because you know that you should have said no but you couldn't.

Another disadvantage of this disability is that people tend to push you around. Even if you can see that you are being pushed around, your ability to say "enough is enough" might still be switched off. It means if you in a relationship, your partner will not have to negotiate with you when he or she has got an idea, but every idea that they have will turn into a decision if they are not being objected or challenged.

Tony Robbins suggested from his blog that the inability to say "no" comes from the fact that we want to make others feel comfortable or we do not want to disappoint them. He believes that this inability is not only unfair to the person who is suffering from it, but it is also unfair to the other party.

Read Tony's blog:

It might sound rude but it will protect you from many outcomes that you do not want to see yourself experiencing.

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