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If He Does These Things, It's a Sign He Doesn't Really Love You. Run - OPINION

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# Lack of communication

# Gives you little or no attention

# Only meet with you in private

# Get Angry for no reason

# Forget special occasions

It very common for men to be with a woman they don't really love at all. There are many reasons of this some of these reasons maybe for intimate purposes, financial fain and so on.

Usually women would ignore all the signs, because they keep hoping their man would eventually change. This is so sad because they won't change the way they feel about you.

Here are signs he is not really inlove with you but never tells you but actions will always speak louder.

#1 Lack of communication

Communication is considered the key element for a successful relationship. If it lacks, then the relationship is likely to fall apart. Communication is very important it shows a person has interest in you, they want to talk to you and touch you.

#2 Little or no attention

How the hell are you in a relationship with someone who doesn't give you attention? They'll even make excuses just to avoid being with you.

This one is one of the hurtful signs. He shows no interests in your life whatever. He would even avoid an eye contact. Anything that involves he doesn't want to be part of.

#3 Only meet up with you in private

Your meet ups are always indoors away from people's eyes. You never met his close friends and family, you just don't exist. He just doesn't love you enough to brag about you and show everyone their woman.

A person who's inlove shows of their woman no matter what. If he says he just want to be private about everything ayi run sister. As soon as he finds the love he loves better believe he'll show her off.

#4 He get angry for no reason

For every little things you do, he gets angry at you even if it's unnecessary. His tolerance levels are very little when it comes to you, when he get angry he'll suggest you two to break up and you'll always beg him to stay.

#5 Forget special occasions and saying loving words

He forgets your birthday and or anniversary. These days seem to not even matter to him. If it's his special day he prefers spending it with his friends.

He doesn't say i love you or even compliment you.

Does your partner have these signs tpwards you? He Won't change girl, leave plse.

Thank you!!!

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