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Skeem Saam: Love at first sight leaves Mzansi in Shock after this happened

Love at first sight doesn't always out for everyone, but some people get their happily ever after.

We have watched Clement and Tlotlisi's young love and believed or better we wished for things to work out for them. Mzansi new it would end in tears when these two lovers started moving fast.

Clement lied to her parents about a school trip to Johannesburg just so he could go with his lover. It also turns out that Tlotliso lied to his wife too and lied to Clement about getting a divorce.

Clement started getting suspicious when he realised that Tlotliso doesn't want to be seen around with him. This made him want to go with him, but little did he know that Tlotliso's wife would insult him in public.

People were left in shock after discovering that Clement was just an adventure for Tlotliso while Clement really believed he loved him.

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