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Wedding planning scene

Allegedly bride seem unhappy with her choice as the short groom dances alone while she looked bored

A wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day in one’s life, but one bride did not look impressed.

Her short groom was seen dancing alone at the reception while she sat it out looking bored.

The clip left social media users arguing whether the pair are actually in love.

Sometimes people make choices for different reasons, but one thing that we need to understand is that nobody has everything. You cannot find a bride who is 100% complete and you cannot find a groom who is 100% complete. There are certain things that you may not find and that you have to add by yoursel or that you can able to live with live the way they are.

You have to live with it, like there are certain things that a natural. Like you can't change a person's height, you can't change a person's complexion, you can't change a person's ethnicity. So those are the things that will not change on somebody, you must be willing to settle for those. On the other hand, things like bank balance, they can change, it can increase or it can decrease.

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