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The stingy friend

The one who always comes up with excuses, eish I forgot my wallet they always say. Not forgetting the guy who is always present for the Friday night chillas at the bar but never seems to contribute to the drinks;Yes we all have that one stingy friend who never contributes to the meals or drinks but always seems to order the most food and drinks. My personal intake on this matter is that these types of friends should be cut off, and fast! It's suprizing how these so called friends have money to pay for their personal things but simply never have enough when it comes to the group. Take my one friend Zipho for example. This one time we all went to a friend's wedding. All 3 of us besides her contributed to the petrol money beacuse of course she came up with an excuse as usual that she simply doesn't have the money. So we understand as always. During the drive to the wedding the 3 of us again contributed again to the food which we all ate together. So after the wedding we decide to go windowing shop at Gateway because at this point we're all broke right?. At the mall we all split up and go our separate way but neither off us buy anything except Zipho. Yes, uZipho comes out of Zara with clothing worth R1500 paid for in cash! To make matters worse she was undoubtedly unashamed as she sat in the car as if what she had just done was not only wrong but imorally unacceptable. This was the final straw for me! After putting up with her selfish nonsense for all these years; then and there, I decided to end my friendship with Zipho. To this very day I cannot still understand how a person can be so selfish within a group setting! 

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