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Skin Care

OPINION: Why are women not satisfied with their skin colour?

This yellow bone thing has become effective to most women, most women love to be seen, they enjoy being the centre of attraction. That is leading them to stop at nothing just to be noticed especially by men. It is surprising because men do not put any effort in trying to attract women, they are always simple and natural.

Most men are attracted to women who are lighter in complexion. That has caused many women to feel like they are not good enough, it has killed most of their confidence. Even at a very young age they begin to show unsatisfection to their bodies, some they are even bullied at school due to their skin colour.

What happened to black beauty? It seems like being black is now a curse to most women, lt is funny because white people do not complain about their skin colour, they never wish to be black.

It has became worse to a point of creating dangerous chemicals to lighten their skin, chemicals that are not meant for the skin, Some do plastic surgery just to make them look White, the likes of the late musician Michael Jackson and Khanyi Mbau to mention a few. Those who did not know Michael's background thought he was actually white, he went for surgeries that cost him millions of dollars, just to change his skin colour.

A lot of women have now became a laughing stock to others, because they now have two colours in their bodies, sometimes black hands white face or dark feet light face, the social media is always showing their photos to the public.

Is it really necessary to change your skin colour? Some are even more beautiful with their natural colours, Someone needs to educate even the young girls that beauty is not about your skin colour.

They need to know that even if they are dark in complexion, they are still beautiful.

Content created and supplied by: Khokhie (via Opera News )


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