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"You delighted in sleeping with my son for 2 years" JubJub mother drop another story (Video)

Mama Jackie is heard in an audio tape delivered on social media addressing why the ladies didn't report the assault immediately after it happened.

"Amanda Du Pont failed to remember how Molemo helped her in breaking into Broadway. Second, how would you remain in a relationship where you are being assaulted for quite a long time? For what reason didn't she record a grumbling? At the point when Molemo unloaded her, she called to let me know she was pregnant with twins. What befell the twins? I'm interested regarding the whereabouts of the twins.

"She can't seem guiltless and unadulterated. She alludes to the sêx she had for a very long time as assault? For what reason did she proceed (in the relationship) notwithstanding the way that she had guardians? For what reason would she be able to report the occurrence to her folks with the end goal for them to make a move and open a case?" she enquires

Mama Jackie proceeded by tending to Masechaba's affirmed $ëxual attack, expressing that she ought to distinguish the room in her home where she was attacked.

"The subsequent one, Masechaba, cases to have been assaulted in my home. She should depict the inside of my home. Ndiyamfuna, Ndiyayi ntombazana funa leyo (I need that young lady). I want her. I wish to investigate her. I hope her past would be unveiled. The people who know about her can reveal insight into her past."

Mama Jackie asked of the cousin who additionally made cases against Jub why she didn't illuminate the family.

"I, as well, want the cousin. For what reason did she trust that Amanda Du Pont will approach and confess to being assaulted prior to approaching? I have no memory of questioning with any of my family members over Molemo's assault of their cousin. For what reason didn't she illuminate her folks so they could come to me?"

Mama Jackie claims she has to know the dates of the multitude of supposed assaults.

"How could they happen? For what reason didn't they document an objection? Masechaba should not tear down me. I have no clue about what her identity is. She should depict my home, and I will distribute photos of how it looks when she recognizes the room wherein she was assaulted and the shade of the bed in which she was assaulted. I want her."

Amanda claims in a video statement delivered on social media that Jub assaulted her for a very long time and just left after he endeavored to kill her.

"To start, Molemo, you assaulted me. I was assaulted ceaselessly for quite some time. So excited, however avoid making it sound like a sentiment. I was frightened to leave. I was unnerved by your mom's solidarity. I knew about your mom's choking and filtering of cash with Oprah, just as how you individuals managed muthi and medication, which persuaded me that making some noise would imperil my life. You didn't crush me; you persuasively spread my legs and squeezed yourself against me a few times throughout the span of two years, persuading me that I had no chance to get out," she clarifies.

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"Obviously, I had a fetus removal at the time on the grounds that it was absolutely impossible for me to bear a youngster who was constrained upon me. Furthermore the most anguishing part of all of this is that I was a virgin and informed Jub that I planned to remain so until I wedded."

Masehaba claims she, as well, was a casualty of Jub's supposed assault.

"I have confidence in Amanda Du Pont. I was additionally assaulted by Molemo Maarohanye (Jub). It happened at Mama Jackie's Naturena home. He was a beau of mine. I was a young adult. "At that point, I was a virgin."

In the interim, as per Refilwe, Jub had made sezual endeavors toward her at work.

"At Moja Love TV, I worked intimately with Molemo Jub and experienced various lewd gestures that were denied. "His meeting on MacG's show was impulsive, and he acquired the blowback," she contends. sex-with-my-child for-2-years-and-call-it-assault jub-jubs-mother-exhaust this-wont-end-well-celeb-1news/?amp=1

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