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Husband and wife relationship

A woman told husbands girlfriend that "She would lose her car or life" and this happened

A marriage is a union between two people who love each other as well as a union from God therefore it ought to be respected.

These days however a lot of people do not respect their marriages. Both men and women are now getting involved in extra marital affairs leading to the disruption of many families and in the the divorce.

Recently a Twitter user gave warning to single ladies to stop dating married men citing the reason that their wives are praying so hard for their marriages. After she said this a certain lady came to tell a story of what had happed to a woman she knew who had been dating someone's husband.

"I know a woman who told her husband's girlfriend that you will either lose your car or your life and within a few moths the lady7 reportedly got into a car accident and the car was a write off." she also went ahead to explain that the same woman told another girlfriend of the husband again that you will not give birth to my husband's baby and at 8 months she had a still birth.'' she said.

A lot of people thought this has to do with the use of black magic. they claimed that some wives go to the extend of practicing dark magic so as to protect their marriages thus ruining anyone who want to come between them.

Some people however defended the woman saying that married women's prayers are so close to God therefore if they curse you it might actually happen.

This however should be a lesson to all other ladies that married men can bring you a lot of trouble. being with someone who is married and has a family can result in emotional distress on the family finds out and it may affect even you when such things like this happen.


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