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4 Things You Can Do To Effectively Attract A Woman

It is possible to make a woman chase you without words. Understand that women are more interested in your behavior than what you say. If a man claims to be a high-status man but behaves in a needy manner, she will not find him attractive. This article will teach you how to attract women without saying anything. This might not work on every woman as some ladies tend to fall in love through a different and more direct approach.

1. Make eye contact: When you make eye contact with a woman, you are indirectly telling her that you like her. If she sees you making eye contact, she will maintain it if she finds you attractive. Some shy ladies prefer to look away, so if she looks away, it does not in any way mean your plan totally failed.

2. Have multiple female friends: Women want social recognition. When she sees that you're always around some other attractive female personality, she'll think you're okay. So you should consider having two or three casual female friends you can hang out with on once in a while. Some women find guys with great socialising skills attractive. When they see a women always around a you, they'll find interest in you.

3. Have the right body language: The way you walk and carry yourself can attract women's attention to you. Do not cross your arms or legs as this is considered the body language of an unfriendly person. Don't bend over. Slow down your movements as this is a mystery to women. If you have the right body language, women will come to you.

4. Always look good: If you want a great woman in your life, be prepared to improve your appearance. Wear your best clothes and shoes. When you dress well and smell good, women will want to get to know you better. Do a nice hairstyle, cut your nails, and put on cologne.

All the above stated points are the most effective ways to attract women to you.

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