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I Feel Jealous When I See Someone I've Rejected Dating Another Girl - Lady Cries Out

Jealousy is a general term for feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and worry caused by a lack of material possessions or bodily protection. This condition may include one or more emotions including rage, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness, or disdain. When someone feels threatened, especially if they are in a relationship with that person, they are prone to jealousy.

A Nigerian woman recently expressed her thoughts on the subject of envy. Twitter user Aisha Haidar, who goes by the handle Aisha, weighed in on the debate today. The level of resentment she harbors toward someone who previously rejected her is so great that it causes her to feel jealous when she sees that person with someone else. The woman stated that even after rejecting a guy who wants to date her, she doesn't want to see him with another woman since it irritates her.

Makes it clear that she is not advocating that men stop seeing other women, but rather that they wait until the first one is married before going on to the next. Her precise words are as follows: "Is it just me, or does seeing a guy I've rejected with other women make me envious? Is this something that just I experience? That thing is such a pain! However, I do not object to him moving on, but I believe he should at the very least wait until after my wedding before making any decisions."

As an illustration, consider the following comments on her post:

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