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Poverty has made some ladies to believe that if a man do not give them MONEY, he does not love them

How true is this? maybe ladies can tell us the side of their story. Those that have been through it, know better, or maybe women themselves that have experienced this, or that think this way, can tell us.

At the same time, the same thing with men, one thing that I know with men is that, when a lady does not give them intimacy, they think that she is cheating or she does not love them. So with women it is the issue of money, when a man does not spend on them they believe that he doesn't love them, but the key word here that starts the sentence above is, "poverty" has made a lot of ladies to believe that, if a man doesn't give them money, he doesn't love them. I guess when you look at it the way that the sentence begins, it shows that ladies, maybe don't believe that 5there is no money.

Poverty has made a lot of ladies believe that if a man doesn't give them MONEY, he doesn't love them...

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