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I Am Not A Gay| Man Reacts After Being Asked A Ridiculous Question On Twitter


Lately a man was alleged of being a gay. Conceivably, this might be due to his mien in public or in order private places. It is being said the way you dress will be the way you will be addressed. It obviously seems he didn't saw it that way. He had to issue it as a warning in form of announcement. Following the News update the man tweeted on his twitter handle. He wrote, "Announcement: I am not a Gay. Being single or handsome doesn't mean I am a gay. I am a straight Boy.

He twitted this after a twitter user asked him a goofy and child-like question asking him if he was dating his fellow men. I think that is the reason he saw it fit to make public announcement. The user wrote. "Guy, Do you perhaps by any chance do boy." Meaning does he have sex with his fellow gender mate. This is simply more than an insult. Such person need to be apprehended to undergo immediate prosecution.

The villagers does not seem to agree with the "Handsome man's" case. This gay thing is probably not a problem at all, if he does nothing bad with his body he should be okay as long as he is happy. Trying to bring in the attention of strangers into some kind of personal problem like this might end up causing him more damages than previously. In the sense that those with goofy reasoning might end up calling him a gay, which he stated he is not.

Another thing here is this, for the unknown twitter user to post it might not be a problem, but for him to post such tweet on the internet making it go publicly, it is absolutely erroneous. Well it is now left for him to attack or rather react to the man who insulted him as we await his final verdict.

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