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Strategies To Prevent Cheating From Your Relationship

You must detect and resist attraction in order to quit cheating. 

Humans are constantly exposed to other people they find appealing by nature. According to O'Sullivan, if someone wishes to be monogamous, they must avoid acting on their instincts. 

She discovered that monogamous couples employ three strategies: 

According to O'Sullivan, they concentrate on their partner and how amazing they are, which entails investing in the relationship on a regular basis through date nights and other types of intimacy. 

When they're exposed to someone they find attractive outside of their relationship, they focus on negative or annoying features.

They consider the consequences of infidelity and what they would lose if they were to be unfaithful. 

Persons who regulated their attraction to people outside of their relationship were more likely to remain faithful, according to O'Sullivan. 

"It's one thing to have a crush from afar," O'Sullivan told Lehmiller, "but it's another to articulate it, because to communicate it is to open that door."

You're more inclined to cheat if you act on your attraction vocally or physically. 

That's why, according to O'Sullivan, couples who act on their attraction to another person, even discreetly, may be enticed to cheat. 

Those who wander often spend time with a "attractive other," according to her, devaluing their present monogamous relationship. 

When someone in a monogamous relationship verbally or nonverbally expresses their desire to the other person, it opens the door for cheating, according to O'Sullivan.

People who observe this tendency in themselves but wish to change it should be more aware of their thoughts and actions leading up to the point where they feel compelled to act outside of their relationship, she said. They will be able to use the cheating prevention tactics and stop themselves from crossing a line with additional practice.

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