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Dating Romantic

" I supported him for months, when he got his money, he disappeared and came back with a new girl"

Lala was financiay supporting her boyfriend for months because he wasn't getting paid at his work place. When he finally got paid, he dissappeared for two days and came back with a new car and a girlfriend to collect his things. When he finished the money he came back and asked for a love back. He told her he was ready to commit. Lala refused and the guy blocked her numbers. She felt used and vowed never to help a man again.

" I supported my boyfriend for months because he was not getting paid. The moment he got his money he disappeared for 2 days. He came back with a new car and a new girl. Funny enough after gallivanting, he came back asking for forgiveness. I refused. It was clear that he was using me." She tweeted.

"Men are not good people." Said @Officialsaltie.

"I was hoping your story will have a positive ending." Said @Mbatshi.


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