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'See 10 Reason Ladies Are Always Jealous, Over Their Man.

See 10 Reasons Why Ladies Are Always Jealous of Their Man for more information.

Jealousy can easily take over our relationships, make us angry, agitated, and depressed, and hijack our emotions. Sexual jealousy can be so powerful that it can even lead people to break up their romantic relationships. So, if something can be so destructive, why do we feel jealous? Why are we the cause of our own suffering? Do we want to suffer?

No, we don’t want to suffer. But acting on our jealous feelings can lead to our suffering and to our partner’s suffering.

If they aren't jealous, they don't really care about the man, but if they are, they really care about him. This is a fundamental fact that you should understand.

No lady will ever want her man to let go of her hand because women are fiercely protective of the things they hold dear and will do anything to keep them safe.

We are the ones who label it as an act of jealousy, yet it is perceived as such by others as an act of love.

The following are the top ten reasons why women are always envious of their men.

1. They are envious because they are head over heels in love.

2. They are envious since they don't want to be with another man at the moment.

3. They are envious because they do not want to see their man fall in love with another woman.

4. When a man spends time with others and not with her, it is common for women to express their feelings of jealousy.

5. If you as a man do not direct your full attention to them, they become distracted and become envious.

6. Because women's emotions are always shifting, they become envious of even the most insignificant things.

7. If a woman's man does not treat her better than other women, she becomes envious.

8. When people begin to have doubts in their own minds, the act of jealousy manifests itself.

9. Never call your ex-girlfriend when she is around since she will become envious as well as jealous.

10. The fact that their partner is around so many women causes them to be envious because they are concerned.

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