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Forget About Your Husband If A Side Chick Use This Ritual On Them

In most cases I write articles about rituals and remedies that people use to improve their lives. I have shared articles about how you csn grow your business, how you can improve your chances of getting a job, and how you can stop your lover from cheating and more. Today I want to share the dark side of rituals that are related to relationships, and for this I will give an example of a simple ritual that women could use to prevent their husband from cheating and only pay ther attention on them

The products which are needed for this ritual are very simple and little. Holy ash and "jika Ntombi" are the only products. Performing the ritual is even more simple, you simply add these products in your bathing water and wash your self while saying what you want. The dark side of this ritual is that anyone can perform it. You might want to use it because your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, but the same side chick that your husband is cheating with can also use this remedy to win your husband

This ritials does what they are meant to do, they don't choose sides. Some of you might jump in to conclusions that these ritials are bad and evil, but before you go too far, I would like you to take a look at this example. When people buy guns, what is the most common reason? Self defense and protection are mainly the reasons right? But how many innocent people have died from gun violence? Was that self defense or protection? How many people are robbed, kidnapped, hijacked when a gun is used? Is that protection or self defense?

Now, the question I ask is whether the gun is to be blamed of all these incidents, the answer for that is obvious, we can not blame a gun, we blame the person who bought the gun with the intention of committing crime with it. I gave this long illustration so that you can understand that the ritials have no problem at all, but the people who use them with bad intentions are the ones with the problems


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