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Wedding planning scene

OPW viewers were thirsty for a wedding of this calibre

Their wedding was spectacular you wanted to watch it, the genuineness of it and the love of religion mixed with culture was too spectacular. Although the couple is very young but their wedding gave a mature couple wedding vibe. This must be a first of its kind on OPW this wedding was just about the couple other than anything else.

Their love story is more like a fantasy except theirs is real. Sphamandla saved Slindokuhle's life when they were traveling by bus. It sounds surreal but true. The couple looks very young it's as though they have been saving themselves for each other. However what stood out has to be the respect they have for each other. The groom spoke profound of his wife so did the bride.

Our perfect wedding has shown countless weddings however not to the extent of tonight's wedding, they saw the necessity of it. The entire matrimonial ceremony was broadcast although they might have cut a part of it but most of it was show. It was purely beautiful well planned and well budgeted. The reception area looked amazing almost as if it was not the same wedding. Congratulations to the Khomos, they make marriage look beautiful.

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