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3 Reasons Why Men No Longer Approach Women After Being Rejected

After being rejected, men no longer chase women. This gives the impression that the guy was never serious about the relationship to begin with.

The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and a great deal has occurred in the last decade. It's no longer the case that some men pursue women for an extended period of time without giving a damn about rejection, and they always get their way. Today, though, things are different. When a woman says no to a man, he makes no further effort and stops pursuing her.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of why men stop pursuing women who have said no to them.

1. The woman isn't attracted to them in the slightest.

The fact that males no longer pursue women who say no is due in part to their belief that the woman has no interest in them and that pushing will yield no results. When a woman declines an invitation from a man, it indicates that she has no interest in the relationship, and the man will have no motivation to pursue her further. Instead of flat-out saying no, she should have said she'll think about it. If she responds in this manner, she'll keep the guy interested and entice him to pursue her.

2. The woman approaches with an uncouth demeanor.

Men will quit pursuing a woman if she approaches them in an unattractive manner. Man wouldn't want to pursue a woman who turned him down in such a harsh and unpleasant manner. No other option would exist for the guy except to lose interest in such a woman, and his affections for her would be over.

3. The feelings don't appear to be genuine to begin with.

Another reason why men no longer pursue women who say no to them is because of this. It's possible that the man isn't honest in the first place and is merely hoping for the best. He won't bother chasing her if she rejects his advances. In contrast to a guy who genuinely cares about the girl, he won't immediately give up and may continue pursuing her even after she rejects him.

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