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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Laugh till you shed into tears with these funny memes

When you finally meet your online girlfriend.

Ahhh, I see you are a man as well

It's Sunday and everyone at home is going to church

Me: I am creating an app that lets you know when someone screenshots your conversation. I would be the first to get caught, since I'm always screenshooting my conversations

If you are offered 10 million to watch your whole life on television with your parents, will you accept such an offer? With pleasure Me waiting for any Eskom worker. Don't care whether a cleaner or a security

Some of us were raised poorly to such extent that we sometimes have to eat pap with only a chicken's voice When you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer and you hear the gate opening Nowadays we do not cry after a heartbreak. We just replace you like a lost sim card. We don't even request for a sim swap

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