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Things you should know about love portion no one else talks about

Love portion is made by an insecure man or woman to give it to their partner to make them love them and to control them into never leaving them. The portion is meant to compel the one who took it to do whatever the person who gave it wants. Even if the act is degrading or immoral under the spell the person will do whatever you asked them to do. That is what makes it so dangerous.

The consequences of this act include the person who consumed love portion going crazy, getting sick, or even dying. While the person is under the spell they will do things they wouldn't normally do. As soon as the portion runs out of their system they will be able to recall everything that happened. Good-hearted people will be extremely heartbroken and walk away forever, however other people might harm the person for pausing their lives for so long for their selfish reasons.

Forcing someone to submit to you is wrong. Taking away someone's willpower is wrong. The portion can be served with meals, it can also be given to someone in a dream through food and you can also get it through sex, some people won't get an erection with other people after a break up because of this portion. Consequences of giving someone love portion include them stalking you even after death or them trying to kill you since the victim is convinced they belong to you so if you ever break up with them it won't end easily.

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