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Opinion - In Zimbabwe once a woman gave birth they are already married.

In Zimbabwe once a woman gave birth they are already married you'll never see them doing marriage ceremony

Opinion - That's true and it's the same here in our country they stay as boyfriend and girlfriend and they tell us the are husband and wife . When they split you the will tell you that truth that the were not married. They say it's their culture if you are staying with a girlfriend she is your wife. That's pathetic. I want a Zim wife I think they make better wives compared to our women

They are not lazy

They respect a man

They know their roles in the marriage

They obey the husband unlike south African women.

Whites don't pay lobola , that's our stupid black culture. You divorce too much after those white wedding again. what's wrong if 2 fully loves and comprehend each other. So the poor can't marry then. Paying loloba makes you kill your ladies again later, you feels like its a good you have purchased and you can do whatever you deem necessary with her.

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