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ANASTASIA: I am sending this pictures to my mother-in-law


Anastasia is ready to send pictures to her mother-in-law when the time comes, asking her to send her pictures. Which is to see her. With all the amazing pictures ready to be sent, the internet discovers something that they think will be the only wrong thing.

That nose ring on her face is the one that will not make the kind of impression she will be sending to her mother-in-law. All her effort is to have a ring on her finger and make a good impression. Her first impression is important. If it is the right one, she has made it.


All four pictures reveal the kind of person she is and what kind of lifestyle she is living. There are things that she does not do and those that she loves doing. She does not consume alcohol, which is something mothers are not encouraging their children to consume.


The other one is about the kind of person she is. She loves cooking and reading the Bible, which shows she loves attending church. It is a lot of work to get the right image, and the other thing is that you have to maintain your lifestyle. It would be bad if she was found to be lying about her lifestyle.



1. Lonolono: Sent those pictures, I want to see something.

2. Krotoa: Sister, you forgot about the nose ring.

3. Tears: Who was taking the pictures? Is it Pastor:

4. Kabelo: With that nose ring, you don't have a good chance?

5. Phanaso: I want to recreate it. 

6. Zaza: How about this Saturday, friend? 

7. Phanaso: I will bring my mother, Pinifa, and the Zulu Bible.


The type of person you are is the type of person who is pleased with your personality and lifestyle. But if you are hiding the real one, it would be a problem when you have your lifestyle the way you want it to be as usual.

Your thoughts?

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