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Would you date old man who is 30 years than you and this?

Relationships matter

21 October 2021

Thursday 15:25


Would you date old man who is 30 years than you and this?

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A lot of people have been engaging in this debate about dating old man instead of dating their peers. One thing we need to take into consideration to avoid bad things to happen and ruin our youth.

Continue with the article to get full insight of it or maybe put your opinion in it because everyone's word counts.

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Nowaday's generation has changed a lot of things in this relautionship matters. It's not only dating but anything that has to do with life.

Research says dating an old man instead of your peers is not a bad idea. However, we all have our own preferences and the likes.

Dating an old man should walk with the responsibility since it is a huge step to take.

We are loosing young girls each and every day because of this matter.

Some date old people like their fathers just because of money. Sometimes it's poverty that leads us to things we never want to do.

However, we need to come with a way to stop this unless we want to leave kids allay.

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