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"I stayed, you don't have to" _ She was burnt alive by lover, see her pictures before and now

Jealousy in a relationship is dangerous, it makes people do all sorts of things in the name of love. When a relationship is ruled by jealousy, the relationship becomes a very uncomfortable place to be in.

Every relationship starts good and well, it becomes hard when one lover becomes jealous, abusive and violent.

This is how Thembi Maphanga was left with permanent scars, the scars became a part of her life six months atfer she burnt alive by her then boyfriend, who is the father of her child.

Thembi was burnt by her baby daddy together with her 2 year-old daughter, Thembi survived the incident but unfortunately her loving daughter didn't.

The incident left her with permanent physical scars, and not only that, she also lost her 2 year-old daughter.

Being burnt alive is one of the most painful experiences in the world, not only that, the scares that are left makes it hard to forget about the tragedy.

Today, years later Thembi lives to tell the tale, she has chosen to stand up and face her challenges first hand, she warns young woman about the dangers of abuse in a relationship.

She uses her social media platforms to educate and raise awareness to young women, encouraging them to leave an abusive or violent relationship before it is too late.

She recently wrote this on her Twitter page

"I stayed... And you don't have to... walk while you can

Don't be a statistic ...."

A relationship where a man starts acting jealous and possessive is dangerous, many do not come out of abusive relationships alive, Thembi is lucky to be alive.

Although her body is covered by scars which reminds her everyday what happened to her, she lives life positively and has choosen to make the best out of live.

Here are pictures before:

This is after:


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Thembi Thembi Maphanga


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