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7 Signs Your Man is Madly In Love with You

1. He includes you in his plans and tells you his aspirations and plans.

A man who loves you will always include you in his plans, this shows that you have a part in his future. A man who hides his plans from you probably doesn’t trust you and don’t forget trust is essential in Relationships.

2. He tries his best to understand you even when you act moody or unreasonable.

A man who loves you will always try to think from your perspective. He would want to see things the same way you see them, just to please you. He will try to understand you even if you suddenly change towards him.

3. He makes time for you and makes it worth it.

He makes you feel loved by creating time for you despite his busy schedule. Let me be honest with you, if someone is telling you he’s very busy and doesn’t have time for you, it’s because you don’t worth his time. This is because people tend to give time to those they love and those important to them.

4. He gives you what you need and sometimes gives you what you want.

I will like to clarify this because I’m sure some ladies are happy seeing this. A man will give you what you need if he has and if you deserve it. Ladies most times force men to do illegal jobs or steal because they would always want what they can’t afford. As a man, never steal to satisfy your woman. If she’s not okay with the little, she should leave the relationship. That’s only if the little you do give her is what you had.

5. His close friends and family know you even before you’ve met them.

A man who loves you will introduce you to the right set of people. If he’s hiding you, he’s probably scamming you. A relationship can be private but shouldn’t be a secret. This is what most ladies don’t know, a private life is different from a secretive one.

6. He loves not only your beautiful body but your personality as well.

Let me get this straight, a man could be attracted to you because of your beauty but he won't be interested in you. That’s why ladies should know beauty alone doesn’t ruin a relationship. Beauty will get you a man but can’t keep a man.

7. He doesn't verbally, physically, or emotionally abuse you.

A man who loves you won’t abuse you in any way. A man should protect and be mindful of his attitude towards you no matter how angry he gets

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