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Husband and wife relationship

5 Things You Must Never Allow Your Partner Do

Marriage is God's blessing when a man and woman come together as man and woman. Any man who finds a good wife will have peace and will most likely live long.

But in marriage, they must be understanding and trust in order for the marriage or relationship to thrive. As a man, there are some things your wife or girlfriend shouldn't do if you want to have a healthy relationship or marriage.

Here are 5 things a man should never do to his woman.

1. You should not let your wife borrow money from your friends. This is very important. If you are broke to the point of begging, it is best to ask a friend or family member for money and then let your wife do the same. When you need that kind of money, you as a man should stand up and go borrow. Don't let your wife do this because some friends might take this opportunity to take advantage of your loss.

2. Never measure your freedom.

Some husbands sometimes try to lock their wives in a cage or limit their freedom and independence. It is not good. You need to let your wife make some decisions on her own. Never force your wife to do things she doesn't want to do. If you don't give her that freedom and independence, it's a marriage, not a prison.

3. Don't force her to cook for you and your family without giving her money.

It is a man's responsibility to take care of some basic household items. Before going to work in the morning, plan what your family will eat or, if possible, leave some money for your wife.

Never leave the house without planning, especially when it comes to cooking. A responsible man should always know what to do when planning meals and activities at home, unless your wife chooses to be in charge of the food bill sometimes.

4. Don't let your wife do all the housework alone. You can also do housework if you can help your wife with a thing or two. Even if you're not always around, try to help your wife to put less work stress on her side.

5. Never let your wife dress irresponsibly. Remember, she is now married and don't need to wear fancy clothes. Don't let your wife dress inappropriately, never turn a blind eye all in the name of fashion.

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