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Single and Mingle: Viewers speculate that the latest single is afraid of Valentine's Day

Single and Mingle has become a cultural phenomenon on social media, especially twitter. The participants come on the show looking for love, but everyone else is looking for a great laugh, they're rarely ever disappointed.

This week an ambitious bachelor made quite the impression.

I think that Dumisani came on the show with a singular mission, to make sure that he would make the best impression for his date. He even had his father and neighbour come to cement his image. I'm quire sure as an avid viewer I've never seen that happen before.

But it was what he said that got people laughing. In his candid interview with the camera crew he revealed that everytime the year starts, he is single and searching. I have to admit this had me suspicious as well and Twitter showed me why. The timing of a certain day for lovers!

Social Media Response

People on social media were entertained at the prospect of Dumisani starting the year alone.

One user wrote, "Dumisani says he always starts the year single. Maaka, o tshaba(He's lying, he's afraid of) Valentines #SingleAndMingle"

While another was simply impressed by his perseverance in general, writing, "Dumisani in a relationship by himself #SingleAndMingle" once he was turned down.

Personal Thoughts

I highly doubt that Dumisani avoids relationships for Valentine's Day. But his timing along with his sentiments about girlfriend allowance told the story of a stingy man. If his relationships all have an expiry date then it means that behind his calm denemour there maybe a man who isn't good at love. Single and Mingle matchmakers really need to stand up and make better matches. I really like Dumisani but he needed someone to match his energy not just be a wet blanket.

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Source: Single and Mingle on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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