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RIP| Couple sadly passed away after revealing this

Love is something wonderful, it should be complimented and appreciated. Numerous people are looking for it and two or three will experience real and pure love throughout their life. 

Finding a person who loves you the same way you love them is a gift, it is something that by far most don't find over the span of their life. The very few that are adequately fortunate to imagine that it is should regard it. 

The most observably terrible thing that can happen to any couple or two people who are fascinated with each other, is if their love isn't recognized and upheld by their people. It isn't simply anguishing anyway it furthermore transforms into a test to the relationship. 

This couple couldn't manage the exacerbation of their love not being recognized by their people following six years of dating. The gatekeepers didn't require them to get hitched. They created a long letter, explaining how they feel about their senior's decision with respect to their love, and felt it was nonsensical of them. 

Letter under: 

The couple finished it all together 

May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

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