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Marriage Is Not For The Easily Quitters, If You Quit, You'll Never Survive Any Other Relationship

Marriage is not for people that easily quit. If you're a quitter you will always find countless reasons to quit and walk away. But those that endure the tough times will always enjoy the good times ahead. Press on! Don't quit. It often gets sweaty and bitter before it gets sweet and better.

For those who may be feeling like giving up, follow your intuition! You know if something or someone is worth fighting for.. never put your life or the lives of others in danger hoping that someone will change! Domestic violence is real! Much love to all couples! Marriage is a beautiful thang! 

People do find it easy to quit when they did not build their marriage on the foundation of our Lord Jesus Chris,because if you begins with him surly you will end with him in glories, Nor is it for the man who fails to honorably commit to a marriage.  Not a friends with benefits situation, not cohaboting outside of marriage.  True, sincere, honest commitment.

I believe in marriage and love but I've had to learn everyone won't see things the same way I see them, will do things the same way I do them, will think or act like me. But at the end of the day, I love you because you're not me...why can't we love & appreciate each other's differences and learn & grow together? When you don't want to make sacrifices or compromise for the sake of your marriage, then why stay married? I would look pretty dumb fighting for a marriage by myself.

Married to someone you love is a priceless! Although we all know that there is no perfect relationship....but you both only can answer to make it right ..forgiveness, trust, loyalty is the best key to success your marriage...there is always a reason of some relationship didn't work it stumble and fell but you always have a chance to stand up and try again....move on and don't look back. Za

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