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Single lady looking for man but her high expectations will keep her single here is why

There are ladies out there who wish they were in a relationship but they are single because they have high expectations when it comes to potential partners. Some people don't understand there are men out there who would also love to be in a relationship but because of girls who have expectations and demands, they are now forced to remain single because they are scared of rejection.

Some women think because they have made it in life, everyone must also be like them. We have people who took their time and went to school just so they can have a brighter future, but because of the high unemployment rate, they ended up staying at a home single. And this means they might stay single forever because girls nowadays don't date broke guys.

According to some girls nowadays to date them, you must be employed, have a car, and have a place of their own to stay. You mustn't stay with your parents.

And this lady the name Jade proved it when she took to her social media account and shared that she is tired of being single and she needs a man but that man must have a job, a car, and a place of his own. Below is what she wrote please read:

After reading this post, people started commenting, and instead of saying they are interested men didn't show any interest. But instead, someone even said that she is looking for a job, not a man. And by the look of things, she might stay single for quite a long time.

Because men nowadays don't have love, but they are full of games so sometimes to find that person who is going to love you for real you need to love them when they have nothing that one will stick by you because stayed with them when they had nothing. sometimes it's good to start with someone from scratch. Unlike to find them with everything.

Ok, there's nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she wants. But the problem starts when you take it to social media, people on social media don't like this kind of post because some of them don't have those things and it's going to look like you're looking down on them because you have what they don't have. And this means you think you're better than them.

Sometimes as people we need to be fair and watch what we post because some people would love to have a better life, but because of what's happening in this world it's hard.

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