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How To Make Your Relationships Last Longer

Love is a very long and confusing road which often leads to disaster and ruin. This is because of the differences in people's personalities. This is because every person's mind is pre wired to think about him or herself, in other Words I'm saying that human nature is connected to selfishness. The phrase survival of the fittest says it best,so compromise is the best way to go. In order for a relationship to last longer both parties have to be willing to compromise. Maybe one partner wants to go out on a date and it's Saturday, maybe the other one wants to watch the final of the Premier Soccer League. You have to look at which one is most important to who and why. The man wants to watch the final because he has been following the league since day one. The woman has to compromise and move the date to Sunday. The time for the man to compromise will also come. The woman has to take good care of herself and try to look her best whenever she can.The man has to try his best to put the food on the table and provide well for his family. Nothing makes a woman more happy than to see her childs needs tended to. You also have to make time for each other because you can't build a bond without physical intercourse. You need to make time for each other, there has to be time for dates as well if you want to keep things romantic. Take walks to the park together sometimes when the kids are occupied. You are never too old to say I love you. Remember love is meant to be enjoyed and not meant to be a burden, let's love each other.

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