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Man Refused To Give His Girlfriend R14 000 For A Phone And She Did This Unthinkable Thing To Him.

Although many serious and long-term relationships imply that there should be no secrets between the two lovebirds in the relationship because they have committed to each other, if there is one aspect in the relationship that I, as an individual, believe should be kept a secret at all costs, especially if the relationship has not progressed to marriage, that aspect is one's financial status, as in financial stage and bank balance.

Consider this: Not all of us enter romantic relationships because we come from wealthy families. Some partners in relationships come from financially unstable families, and when they become financially stable, their families expect a lot from them because they also played a role in shaping who they should be. So these issues are multifaceted. It appears to be a major issue in the relationship, because many partners share similar traits, hoping to obtain anything they want from their spouse in the relationship, even if the partner does not do much in the relationship.

Take a quick look at the whatsapp chats included in the screenshots below, for example.

Isn't this terrible? Allow me to tell you that, in my humble opinion as a writer, the dude who requested all of this, I believe that one's bank pin is confidential, as is one's bank balance, but he opted to give all of that to a girlfriend, and now he is suffering the repercussions of his choices.

Do you perceive the lady as a gold digger, or do you see her as a character behaving the way any person who has been led on and made to believe that money isn't a problem should behave? What are your thoughts on the whole breakup?

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