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Seven (7) Types of Men Women hate The Most

 1. At a man who doesn't approach her in the right way. Some men don't have the right way of approaching women. You force her to fall in love with her. Women hate these types of men. You should ask them to listen to what you are talking about instead of forcing them. 


 2. A man who lacks confidence when talking to her. Women hate shy men. Men who do not know how to speak to large numbers of people in a public meeting and who lack confidence in speaking to them. 


 3. A man who is not faithful. Women hate men who are not faithful. The one who is not satisfied with his wife. Some men have relationships with other women and that makes women hate them. To avoid being hated by one woman, stop eating too many women. single woman and be satisfied with her. 


 4. A man who doesn't respect her. Women hate men who are not respectful. They don't like a man who doesn't listen to what they say or who doesn't respond to what they say. They also hate a man who makes comments during the conversation or pauses before they finish. 


 5. A badly dressed man. If you dress well and women walk around they will be impressed with you. Women hate a man who is not well dressed. To get women to love you, dress well before you approach them so that they will be impressed with you. 


 6. A man who doesn't make eye contact when talking to you or when you are talking to him. He hates the man who looks to the side while chatting. A man who doesn't look them straight in the eye. 


 7. A lazy man. Women hate a man who likes to put off his job and does not finish the work assigned to him at this point, they want men who work hard to meet the basic needs.

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