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New Levels: This is what the new age wives do in ceremonies when people ask for alcohol

(Source: - @LS_Magwaza)

If you thought that wives had to make homemade beer for their in-laws or even visitors at the ceremonies, then think again. It seems like making traditional alcohol at home will be optional moving forward due to the new-age wives. Everything changes with time and nobody wants to get their hands dirty with countless hours of labour preparing for ceremonies at their homes. One thing that’s always been stressful for wives is alcohol, as that will make the ceremony look alive and get people to enjoy themselves. Without any doubt, food is crucial too in ceremonies. 

However, many people have a soft spot for alcohol as it gets the day going. Not everyone has time, and energy, and even the skills to make certain traditional alcohol. Now, a Twitter user by the name of @LS_Magwaza has shared pictures of gorgeous wives who have their way with the alcohol. As they were preparing to serve their family members and guests alcohol. What stood out with the photos was that they had different types of alcohol in big pots. However, the alcohol wasn’t made at home, but they bought it at a liquor store. This is regarded as the new age wives that are changing the game to their advantage. Which will be convenient for them in terms of having less pressure when it comes to preparing alcohol. “Makoti sicela utshwala [Makoti we ask for alcohol],” said @LS_Magwaza on her Twitter account. 

In most black families during their traditional ceremonies, they mostly prepare “umqombothi” (an African beer) which quenches the thirst of people. Without an African beer in a ceremony then it’s not regarded as a proper event worth celebrating to certain people. Nonetheless, the new-age wives might get the elders to change their minds about alcohol.

@sneh_khuzzy said, “My in-laws sent me this, saying it’s me!”

@_Zukoh_ said, “Makoti is going home, akasalunganga. Asoze kaloku!”

@MotswanaHun said, “The underground gang won’t stand. Where is the African Lean Chile.”

@samuel89st said, “Count me out.”

@Sic_Mthembu said, “You will never go wrong koti.”

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Date: 22/10/2021

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