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Men pose a serious threat to public safety. This was realized by a married woman.

Men pose a serious threat to public safety! This was realized by a married woman. 

Men are a severe threat to the general public's safety! This was recognized by a woman who was married at the time.

Men were conversing on the phone that her husband was using at the time. An unmarried woman who was using her husband's computer came upon this while browsing the internet.

With our dangerous world and already difficult lives, we should avoid marrying someone who will add weight to the one life you have to provide for them; after all, the goal of marriage is to be together and dedicated to one another. It's a potentially perilous situation.

Today's couples have demonstrated that marriage is not always a source of harmony, despite the fact that this is what is intended. The majority of people who married later learn that it is safer to remain single than it is to be enslaved. This is something that happens frequently.

You should keep in mind that you are free to express yourself in any way you like regarding this topic, and that any and all remarks are regarded to be offensive. Generally speaking, prevention is preferable to treatment; as such, maintain a safe distance from others, wear a mask, and wash your hands with disinfectant after touching anything.

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