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8 Signs To Know A Guy Don't Love You

Here are eight telltale signs that your guy isn't the one for you:

1. He's not interested in you.

You aren't high on his priority list. He doesn't want to talk to you or hang out with you any longer. He refuses to spend time with you even when he isn't as busy as he once was.

2. He is unappreciative of your self-sacrifice.

He is unappreciative of the acts of compassion you perform for him. The small gestures you make for him go undetected. He doesn't, despite the fact that he should.

3. He lacks sufficient time.

He normally wants to get off the phone as soon as possible when you call him. Although he may not have much time for you, he does make time for his friends and other essential elements of his life. He's always online, yet he never texts you or invites you to a conversation.

He is notorious for making plans with you and then canceling them. He also has a weak defense, regardless of the charge.

4. He just wants to be intimate with you whenever you meet. He becomes upset if you merely want to converse or spend time doing something else.

5. He's also a bit of an emotional recluse.

He doesn't talk about your relationship's future, which is a clear sign of a terrible lover.

6. He keeps a lot of personal information to himself.

He never tells you about the amazing things that have happened in his life and never solicits your feedback. You have no idea what he loves or hates, even if you've been dating him for a few years.

7. He is a despot who wields authority and manipulates others.

He feels envious and may threaten you if you engage in informal chat or guffawing with the masculine gender, whether with your family, students, or workplace.

8. He's always looking for new ways to exercise control over the way you live your life. You've been suffocated and exploited to the point of believing you've been suffocated and abused.

9. He keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend on a regular basis.

10. He compares you to his ex-girlfriend on a regular basis and seeks her opinion on relationship concerns.

If he does these activities, those warning signs and symptoms must suggest that the person you're dating has a problem. It is now completely up to you to make the finest decision possible.

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