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If You Are Getting Any of These 4 Signs from A Guy, He Is Not Interested In A Relationship With You

The sooner that women establish her limits with the men in her life, the better things will go for them in their romantic relationships. Friendship between a woman and a man does not need always result in a romantic relationship between the two. It is not a guarantee that a girl and a gentleman who have been friends for a number of years would eventually develop into a committed relationship with one another.

Some guys are known for passing the time with the assistance of women. If you are a woman and you happen to be friends with a man and he exhibits any one of these four behaviors toward you, then you should know that he is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. I beg you, do not squander your time by being in close proximity to him. Get over it.

1. You can assume that a guy who you are developing feelings for is not interested in you if you see that he does not engage you in emotional or sensitive conversation very often, which is the kind of thing that can make you wish to date him in the future.

Even if he hasn't asked you out yet, a guy who likes and is seriously interested in you will make it abundantly clear in every action he takes toward you whether or not he intends to ask you out. If he does not demonstrate the signal to you, you may be sure that his attention is focused elsewhere.

2. A guy who asks you about your relationship or encourages you to find someone you can "roll with" is only searching for a chance to get rid of you. It is best not to invest too much of your emotional energy in him because if you do, you will end up feeling let down.

3. If he is always telling you about another lady he met or knows somewhere and all he is saying about her is positive things, he is definitely having his mind somewhere else. 4. If he is always telling you about another lady he met or knows somewhere else, he is definitely having his mind somewhere else. 5.

If he loves you and wants to be with you, he will never bring up the topic of another woman in conversation with you.

4. It should come as no surprise if a guy is not interested in you if he sees you with another guy and does not ask any questions about the other guy. In a same vein, if you are with him and you get a phone call from another guy and he does not bother to ask you who the caller is, you need to make a decision and go on with your life. That individual is not for you.

If you keep surrounding yourself with guys of that kind, you will deteriorate, and by the time you understand what's happening, it will be too late to do anything about it.

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