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Here's Something You Should Know: Romantic Love Is Not Necessary For Happiness

When it comes to love, I can't describe how incredible it is. Every time you open your door, looking at your lover standing there, every time they text, every time they call, even when you walk next to them, your feet feel light.

There's nothing quite like being in love with your lover and loving them romantically. It's an influential melding of feelings and connections. Love can take many forms, not just romantic love. I love the love I feel when I curl up on the couch, and my pet sleeps at my feet. I love the love I have for my sister when I watch her cross the stage with her college diploma in hand. 

The warmth that fills you when you hear your mother talk on the telephone or watch your father bend over the hood of your smoking car as he furrows his brow. I love the love I feel for my best friend when she conveys precisely what I am thinking or when he throws an arm around me, and I feel like I have returned home.

You are not happy based on who you kissed or haven't kissed. You are not satisfied based on your relationship status. The smile on your face does not depend on whether someone has a hand in yours.

Relationship status is not an indicator of a fulfilled life, and romantic love is not a criterion for joy.

There's sometimes pressure from the world. We see diamond rings in catalogues and elaborate proposals on television. We watch our loved ones fall into the arms of others. We hear about celebrity couples getting married or our friends being 'so happy.'

We wonder if we're not normal. We get anxious; we start measuring our success and happiness based on our relationships or the lack of love. Somehow we convince ourselves that we can only be happy in a relationship.

However, that's not true.

Being happy comes from experience, from self-love, from taking in the world and all its offerings. Happiness comes from friendship, from spiritual love, from appreciating what and who we have, and from spending time with people who love us deeply.

Finding happiness involves discovering who we are and loving who we are, experiencing new things. Learning what makes us happy, saying 'yes' to adventures, and becoming selfish until we can no longer be selfish.

In other words, don't allow yourself to dwell on the past, to agonize over what you could've done differently to keep someone, and wonder whether you could make someone stay.

Eventually, you'll find someone who lights you up.

Enjoy your life, pursue your passions, follow your dreams, work your butt off at a career or job, spend time with family and friends, tackle your to-do list, take solo trips.

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