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Would you stand this kind of Girlfriend ? Check her chats

Relationships comes with trust and respect and those two can't be demanded but earned, what do you do when you realize that your partner does not trust you at all ? She always demands evidence in everything that you are doing. Like this girlfriend above asking her boyfriend if where is he and he must send pictures to prove that.

After he sent the picture still the girl finds it hard to believe as she then asked him to take another picture with a spoon on his head, can you believe that or stand that kind of a partner

A wise man once said you do everything in your power to keep what you love and value, that's what this guy is doing but he got it wrong this time around. There is a difference between a spoon and a fork

As we grow up we experience different things from people that we meet and engage with, people that we plan to build a future with, but this one is on the other level, what madam wants, madam gets

Finally here is the short spoon that she wanted to see from the beginning but is it enough to put this matter to bed ? Still far from over

We all want to love and to be loved, we all deserve a little bit of respect from our partners, we want them to respect us as we respect them but it seems like this girlfriend doesn't trust her Boyfriend at all, you can see that from how she speaks and things she demands from the boyfriend

It may happen that the guy is hiding something from his partner why running away when it's time to video chat, maybe there is someone else in the room that he doesn't want her to be seen by his girlfriend

This is how the conversation ended as the guy decided not to pick up the phone and video chat.

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