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Having Royal Ancestors.

Bayede Makhosi Amakhulu!

Having Royalty blood ancestors is something else. They are ancestors that speak once, if you didn't hear them you in serious trouble. They can keep quiet and ignore you because kings don't repeat themselves.

Don't get excited because of having Royal blood ancestors, it's worse when it's Amakhosi. These elders will get you to phahla and phahla and phahla for them to repeat something, they will never. They will rather punish you first for not listening, then when you have forgotten they will give you an answer.

People will respect you because you have that leadership/kingship energy around you or written all over your face, but that same energy is within you hence it's difficult to take orders from someone else espacially at work. Males hate being instructed by females, that get very angry or irritated but again it's the Kings within you that are stubborn.

When people look at you they see wealth and assume you have all the money in the world. People always ask you for money and find it hard to believe that you don't have money. It's unfortunate because royal families are wealthy so that wealth runs in your blood despite the fact that you haven't reached it yet.

When you phahla to Amakhosi, you have to humble yourself, be selective of the words you use to them or they might just ignore you. Respect them and they will listen, if you don't then you are just wasting your time. Talk about okhanda khulu. Thobela.

Photocred: @sanelematsolo

Content created and supplied by: Misnkoana (via Opera News )

Amakhosi Bayede Makhosi Amakhulu


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