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Lady Gives Men Relationship Advice And Here's What She Says : Do You Agree?

A lady decided to share some relationship advice to men on twitter as she asked all men to not leave their girlfriends or wives.

She said that men shouldn't be quick to want to exit their relationship, even if it means that their partner has cheated on them.

Her reasons for this was because that if they leave their girlfriends or wives they will never be able to find someone like her again.

She continued on to say that men must stay and fix their relationships instead because they will end up losing good people. She tweeted :

"If your girlfriend or wife cheats on you you must never cheat back instead you should fight for your relationship because you will never find someone like her women are to be treated like eggs and you must always learn to forgive and move on".

Do you agree to her advice? Comment, share and follow.

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