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Woman catches her boyfriend Cheating In her video background, and then this happened

These days people film just about everything, whether it be for TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram or just for the memories. So, if you're ever up to no good, the chances are someone might catch it on camera. Yet, you would never expect to be filming a TikTok and catch your own partner out in the background while you're standing right there.

That is exactly what one girl claims happened to her, when she and her friends were filming a funny video on a night out, only to discover her man seemingly up to no good in the background. A lady by the name Georgia took to her Tiktok page to reveal how she caught her partner cheating while making a fun video with her friend during a night out party.

Below are screenshots from the video. In the caption she shared the video with, she wrote 'when you catch your boyfriend Cheating on you while making a Tiktok'.

When she caught the scene of a lady's hands over her man's neck, you can see her expression below.

Below is the scene she caught on camera while making fun videos with her friend

She posted it on Twitter and many people had to react to it.

One person said she would put them both in the bin because they both did not. Not just one person but two. Another person had this to say,

"Nah fam, leave em both. Friend and man, get yourself upgrades on em both," a third wrote, while a fourth added: "Be mad at your boyfriend and your friend don’t pick favourites".

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Author's view: I would say, there is nothing serious happening there. The atmosphere looks like a party area, everyone behaves just the way they like in a bid to have some fun.

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