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Is It Okay To Take An Ex Who Said All This During The Breakup (Read chats)

They say ' Do not make promises when you are happy nor make permanent decisions when you are angry ' The things you might say they might come back and make your life miserable or hunt you in many other ways.

Well it seems like although people know about the saying i quoted above as soon as things get heated especially in realationships thier brains switches off or something and they end up saying the worst and unfortunately my baby seems to be one of them.

Like many other long term high school relationship my relationship with my high school girl who also happen to be my baby mama coudnt survive the distance between the two of us because we were now perusing our academics in different provinces.With things being that way i think she moved on without even telling me i had to find out through her whatsapp statuses 

Onetime she posted another dude i confronted about it and this is what she had to say to me.

Read the chats 

As painful as being told this was i had to accept that it is what it is even though the fact that she said i was a mistake in her life was hard to me for it got me questioning myself weather all the moments i had with her meant nothing to her or not.

But then she has recently sent me a long text which is really messing up with my head.

here is the text

Although she has said the most hurtful things before something tells me that maybe i caught her at the wrong time which is why she cut of my head.

With the Easter holidays approaching i am going to be back home and the same will be happen to her will it be a great idea to consider taking her back and uniting this Easter holidays?Leave some comments below.

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