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Things You Must Do Immedaitely After Having Unprotected Sex

Many people who engage in sexual activity are unaware of the actions that might be performed after having unprotected sex and regretting it. The steps you can take to safeguard yourself following unprotected sexual contact are outlined in this article.

1. Start your day with a morning pill. 

You are suggested to take the morning after pill within the allotted time period even if you do not now intend to have children. To avoid any mistakes, it's crucial to take the medication at the appointed hour. 

2. See a physician. 

You are encouraged to visit your doctor if you feel the necessity, who will administer several tests to assure your safety. The physician may also suggest certain drugs to avoid pregnancy.

3 It's crucial to learn from your mistakes, so once they've been made, avoid making the same ones again by making sure you have contraception and protection the next time.


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