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Man Jumped From A Storey Building Man Jumped From A Storey Building After Being Caught Cheating On His Wife(Video).

A man and a woman's union is usually for the better and for the worse. Marriage is defined as a symbolic union between a man and a woman who have committed to live together in harmony all over the world. Any of them who enters into a relationship with another person has broken the vows that the marriage is based on. Because cheating is frequently the first sign of a relationship breaking down, most partners are ready to fight tooth and nail to evict any type of encroachment. 

This story is about a man who was discovered cheating on his wife with another lady by his wife. According to accounts, the man is a police officer, and his wife works at a nearby restaurant. South Africa was the scene of the incident. While his wife was at work, the police officer finished his day's work earlier than expected, so he returned home, and it seemed he wasn't alone. He brought his "side-kick" with him. 

The specific reason for his wife's return to the house is unknown, but she allegedly returned earlier than expected and discovered her husband in bed with another lady, much to her surprise. She beat up the two of them as a way of venting her rage. The helpless man had no choice but to jump out the window of their bedroom. The entire incident was being recorded by a bystander. Before jumping, the man hung on to the window and suspended his body outside for a few moments. 

He had to jump roughly one story to get away from his wife's beatings. It appeared to be a hard task, but this man had no other choice. 

To watch the video, click the link below.

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