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" No wonder you cook for yourself "- Tito Mboweni was attacked after saying this about women


Nowadays life is no longer the same with how we it used to be back in 1850s. Men were treated like kings by Thier wives.

"Should we continue with this “cultural” approach? Does not look right! I submit," Tito Mboweni said

However, Tito Mboweni think that we should cancel the old way that we used to practice our culture and live the moden way which is the white style. Women used to kneel down before doing anything for their men, even though they are not present but it was always a must to show that the head of the house must be respected.

People's comments on Twitter:

"Indoda inhloko yekhaya and should really be treated like a king, I would definitely do this for my loving husband," says Mbali

"Yes, I totally agree however. A man that deserves this kind of treatment is the one who makes you feel loved, safe, secured that one who makes feel like a queen. In that way I think all women would do it this on a daily," says a twitter follower

"It depends on the type of man you're married to as well, you can't compare a traditional old school man with a modern one.They define submission differently and there's nothing wrong with that, says Bonolo

"Many woman may not understand this. They perceive it as women disempowerment/marginalization. To submit is not to belittle yourself but to be humble. It is an act of, Even Jesus washed his disciples feet as an act to celebrate reconciliation with another. Here you are bringing water," Mr Green

"Your female version of security is being showered with iphone 15 max and thousands of dollars for shopping," says Sir Vatts


Even if we go to America, they don't change what they used to do back in history. South Africans should not loose their culture because of Tito Mboweni

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Thier Tito Mboweni


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