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" Nobody wants a broke guy"- She was mad because he didn't pay for everyone at the table

There is a video trending on social media of a guy that took his girlfriend out on a dinner date and she came along with her friends. She expected him to pay for all of them but he refused.

" This is my 18th birthday, why are you not paying for our food? Nobody wants a broke guy." She shouted.

A lot of people called the girl entitled and embarrassing. They want the guy to dump her.

"Nobody wants a broke guy? This woman doesn’t love you. How do you bring eighteen friends, no heads up, expect him to pay, then try gaslight him for not wanting to pay?" Said @Thepine

"Women and entitlements, you bring the whole Netball squad and expect your man to pay for food for all of them?" Said @Khume.

"I felt embarrassed after watching this. There is a pandemic of lack of dignity out there." Said @Girl_isblessed.


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