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Opinion: Why Relationships fail in our Generation.

Relationships aren't what they used to be, and 2022 might be a shift in how we view Romantic relationships, is Monogamy (single partner) relationships destined to fail in 2022?

There are many factors that contribute to this sudden shift of how love is portrayed, even though the media takes a huge part in how our women and men resort to infidelity or cheating everytime their relationship with their significant other loses its Romeo and Juliet phase, we also can't deny that our current economic state takes part in that mishap. 

1. Wow, the economy dictates my love life, is it really that powerful?

Women deal with problems according to how they feel, men resort to using logic to solve their day to day conflicts, both have been in perfect unison like the moon and sun, but it changes when the other party "feels" like for survival, they have to opt for a financially capable partner as the future is now uncertain considering these turn of events the country is currently facing. The latter feels like having to "pay" for affection is burdensome and isn't financially beneficial especially if things go side ways, he would be in a disadvantage lest the other party signed a prenuptial agreement ( if we divorce you get nothing haha)

2. We are all trying to survive...

Relationships can't be built on transactions, and that's why they are bound to fail in 2022, an Era where one should at least have a source of income, be it a traditional job or a side hustle. While men are expected to be providers by societal standards, misinformed women "consume". While those that are ready to build become more and more scarce (you don't lose a hen that lays golden eggs, right boys?), Leaving two incompatible partners coming in to terms with each other based on can do's and can't do's.

3. Communication heals relationships, if you have the time...

Everybody is noticeably under stress, anxiety, and depression. Communication might be there, but is it effective? When do you have the time to communicate efficiently, when you have traded 8 hours of your day, working overtime and side hustling on weekends?. Men need to be respected, not loved. Women need attention, that's what they see as love. When circumstances forces different human natures to clash, what can you do?

4. "Men don't chase anymore " vs "Women don't even try anymore"

The other party feels like effort on some one that may not be there tomorrow is futile and counter productive, the other feels like they are the prize and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Both have demonized each other before the relationship is fruitful.

5. So what's the future like

It looks like humans will soon devolve into the animals they shy'ed away from admitting they are. Traditional relationships will be replaced by the hook up culture with the sole intention of breeding and having "fun". 

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