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Twitter comes up with a conclusive explanation about a man who looked stressed on his wedding day

Twitter finally put the puzzle together about the man who looks so stressed on his wedding day. The picture of this man is currently circulating on social, and people have finally come up with a conclusive explanation of what was really going on on the day of the wedding.

People noticed that this man was not only the person who was stressed. A woman who was standing right next to the car that the groom and bride were to travel in; was also looking so stress and heartbroken "What is he thinking?'' asked an influencer. After Twitter investigators conducted their investigations they noticed something strange. According to Twitter investors, there are high possibilities that the woman in the picture, who also looks so stressed is the mistress of the groom "I don't know, but it can be same thing she's thinking about'' said a Twitter user." Together in thoughts" said another Twitter user who believes that these two are thinking about the same thing.

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